The Modern Salesperson

What does the customer expect from the sales person?

It's becoming more and more commonplace for consumers to self educate online when considering a purchase. Many believe that the days of the successful sales person are over, nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that the role of the sales rep has changed, no longer are the days where high pressure, coercive strategies make a sales superstar. Today the consumer needs a trusted advisor, an intelligent and sensitive person who can step in after the the preliminary research is done and reveal where the product or service adds value to their life or business. When a customer is dealing with a salesperson, they are looking for a person they can trust, and who they believe has their best interest in mind. Some of things they look for in a salesperson are:

⦁ An understanding of the needs of the customer
⦁ Mutual Respect
⦁ Integrity
⦁ Return calls/emails promptly
⦁ Follow through on promises
⦁ Be present when needed
⦁ No pushiness/pressure
⦁ A track record of success

As a modern sales person it's important to understand the role of trusted advisor, to develop a deep understanding of how your product or service impacts the life of your customer, and how it adds value.